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Canvas prints

  • The average life of canvas prints is about fifty-six years. You can easily prolong the shelf life to more than a hundred years with lamination. These surely are some impressive statistics. Lamination is basically a liquid coat of chemical that is sprayed on the canvas. The other kind of lamination is a thin transparent film which is sealed on prints. There are several advantages of laminating your canvas prints. 
  • Protecting Your Canvas Prints
  • Removing dust from canvas prints
  • Try not to touch the surface of the canvas directly - instead, blow the dust off the surface.
    If there is still dust on the canvas, brush it off as gently as possible with a duster. Take care not to wipe the surface of the canvas, as it may smudge the ink.
    Never use any cleaning fluids on the surface of your canvas print.
  • Protecting your canvas prints from light
  • The majority of canvas prints are produced with UV inks, which will mean that the print is lightfast for 25 years or more.If you are in any doubt, avoid leaving the canvas print in direct sunlight and contact your supplier
  • Humidity
  • As with all works of art, it's best to avoid exposing canvas prints to extreme humidities.
    Avoid hanging canvas prints in places such as cellars or attics, where the humidity may affect the wood. If the canvas appears damp, move the canvas print to another room.
  • Heat

  • Most canvas prints are mounted on wooden frames, so avoid exposing the canvas print to extreme temperatures.
    In particular, take care if you're hanging canvas prints above radiators or fireplaces. Check that the canvas and wood aren't warping or burning because of the heat!